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Leo P. Langlois, M.D.

Head Physician & Owner

Dr. Langlois has served in the healing arts for over 3 decades.  After serving in the Armed Forces, he opened KERN ISLAND PAIN MEDICINE 20 years ago and is committed to providing effective pain management to the well deserving patients that he treats. As Head Physician and owner, he has worked with and supported countless patients in their greatest time of need.

Tyson Fieldsted, NP-C

Headache Specialist

Our Nurse Practitioner, Tyson Fieldsted is committed to providing the care you deserve. With exceptional expertise and true compassion, he provides an atmosphere of comfort while working with patients to handle their headaches.  He is committed to providing personalized headache care for all of his patients at Kern Island Pain Medicine.

Susan Goldade, R.N.

RN Manager

Susan Goldade is a valuable asset to KERN ISLAND PAIN MEDICINE for her years of experience in Pain Management and Emergency Medicine. Our Registered Nurse and Office Manager understands the importance of quality care and is ready to help.

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